Thursday, March 20, 2014

Algeria ranks among Africa‘s Top 4 importers of plastics, printing and packaging technology

plast & printpack alger 2014 the biggest ever featuring 158 technology leaders from 24 countries

According to figures of VDMA-the German Engineering Association, Algeria ranks among Africa‘s Top 4 importers of plastics, packaging and printing technology (in line with South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria).

So it comes as no surprise that the 3rd plast alger and the 4th printpack alger in 2014 is as big and as international as ever before. The record participation of 158 technology leaders from 24 countries testifies to the considerable value the international business community meanwhile attaches to Algeria.

The number of exhibitors reflects an increase of about 50% compared to 2012 (104 exhibitors from 17 countries, 2,388 professional visitors).

The exhibitors come from Algeria, Austria, Belgium, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Greece, France, India, Iran, Italy, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

The countries with the most exhibitors include Italy with 26 exhibitors, Algeria 21, China 18, France 17, Austria 11, Spain 10, Taiwan 9, Germany 8, India 6, Tunisia and Turkey 5, and Portugal and Switzerland with 3 exhibitors.

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Algeria’s leading plastics, packaging and printing technology trade fair has received the patronage of H.E. the Algerian Minister of Industrial Development and Investment Promotion, Mr Amara Benyounes. The organisers thank minister Benyounes and his team for their support during the preparation of the exhibition.

The organisers also like to thank the institutional partners for their valuable support:

  • AHK Algeria, Algerian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Algiers
  • The Austrian Embassy and Advantage Austria WKO,
  • AVEP-Valencian Association of Plastic Manufacturers in Spain
  • Marchet-Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona
  • Promos-Special Agency of the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

plast & printpack alger are organised by the German trade fair specialists fairtrade and its German-Algerian team.

The decision of the organisers to increase the exhibition space by moving to the bigger "Pavilion A" was a logical consequence of the growing demand of the Algerian plast, print & pack industry and the great success of the 2012 edition.

printpack alger 2014 takes place on the background of sharply rising imports. According to VDMA-The German Engineering Association, Algerian imports of printing and paper processing machinery and equipment rose from 67.1 Million US Dollars in 2011 to 92,7 Million Dollars in 2012, a plus of 38%!

Algerian imports of packaging machinery and equipment went up from 140.1 million US Dollars in 2010 and 139.2 million US Dollars in 2011 to 189.6 million US Dollars in 2012, a plus of 36% compared to 2011.

Algerian imports of printing and paper processing machinery (in million US Dollars)Algerian imports of packaging machinery and equipment (in million US Dollars)
Source: VDMA-the German Engineering Association, June 2013

Algeria, in 2012, represented a market with an import volume of exactly 282.3 million US Dollars in terms of printing, paper & packaging technology:  

• 189.6 million US Dollars in terms of packaging machinery (+36% compared to 2011)    
• 92.7 million US Dollars in terms of printing and paper technology (+38%)

In addition to the market for technology, there is an ever growing market for printing and packaging material, professional papers, packaging solutions using metal, glass, paper and paperboard, plastics, …

Algeria-The market. The printing and packaging sector represents one of the most important growth sectors in Algeria. Thanks to a strong economic upswing, the growing population’s disposable income is rising - and that in turn dramatically pushes up various industries and the demand for printing and packaging machinery and packaging materials. In a further boost to the publishing, manufacturing and food processing sector, and therefore to the printing and packaging industry, hundreds of new factories are to be constructed in the coming years, as part of a multi-billion dollar investment. For more information on oil and gas revenues, GDP, foreign exchange reserves, imports and exports, see „The market.

The Algerian petrochemical industry …
… is the ninth largest producer of natural gas and the fifteenth largest producer of mineral oil world-wide.

It consists of different state industries which are subsidiary firms of the state oil enterprise Sonatrach. Sonatrach has been investing 4 bn US$ in the modernization of the four existing refining plants to increase the production of oil-derivatives as well as the liquefaction of natural gas. Furthermore, two more refineries are to be erected (in Adrar and Tiaret). In addition, 8 billion US Dollar have been allocated to enlarge the production of PP, PET, PE and polyester.