Wednesday, September 16, 2015

iran telecom innovations 2015

171 exhibitors from 11 countries present their latest CIT solutions  

From iran telecom to iran telecom innovations: The years 2015 and 2016 mark a new era for Doing Business in Iran

After the Vienna agreement between Iran and world powers of July 2015 the year 2016 will see international sanctions lifted. Especially in the digital sector, international tech-giants will enter Iran‘s 80-million-strong, highly educated, consumption-savvy market for the very first time whereas many others will return after a period of standstill.

According to the event’s organisers Palar Samaneh of Tehran and their German partners fairtrade this development also marks a new era for iran telecom, Iran’s most valuable technology event since its inception in the year 2000. “To mark the new era of Doing Business in Iran and to take account of the technological developments in the past 15 years, iran telecom has been renamed in iran telecom innovations and a new logo has been created” outlines Martin März, fairtrade’s MD.

At Iran’s 16th International Trade Show on CIT Solutions 171 exhibitors from 11 countries present their innovative services and products towards an audience of 30,000+ professionals with real buying power. The exhibitors come from China, Croatia, Germany, India, Iran, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. All set in halls 6 to 13, series 25 and hall 27 of the Tehran International Fairgrounds from 26 to 29 September 2015 to accompany the country in the modernisation of its CIT infrastructure, of its industry, the ways of Doing Business and the ways to communicate. 

iran telecom innovations enjoys the official support of the Ministry of ICT, the Communications Regulatory Authority, the Telecommunications Infrastructure Company (TIC) and the Telecommunications Company of Iran (TCI). The event showcases a broad picture of the entire CIT market in Iran. According to Iran’s Telecommunications Report published by BMI Research - A Fitch Group Company in August 2015, Iran's nascent 3G/4G market is expanding and to grow by an average of 36% over the next five years to 2019. MTN Irancell joined Rightel in offering 3G and 4G services in the country.

Iran's second biggest mobile operator MTN Irancell has launched 3G and 4G services and market leader MIC is planning to do so in the very near future. Iran has over 111mn mobile subscribers, boosted by MTN's launch of 3G services in 2014, and an expected number of some 20 million 3G subscribers by the end of 2015. The rapid growth is to continue over the short term as more operators launch advanced services.