Thursday, September 15, 2016

WACEE 2016 – Officially opened by top governmental representatives!

Read what our Guests of Honor said and see first impressions in the gallery!

WACEE 2016, the 5th West African Clean Energy & Environment Exhibition & Conference 2016, was officially opened on September 13 under the motto "LINKING POLICY AND PRACTICE - REALIZING SOLUTIONS FOR ENERGY SECURITY, WASTE AND THE ENVIRONMENT".

The official opening was held with the participation of top governmental representatives:

  • H.E. Mr William Hanna, Ambassador of the European Union to Ghana
  • H.E. Mr Christoph Retzlaff, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Ghana
  • H.E. Mr Ron Strikker, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Ghana
  • H.E. Mr François Pujolas, Ambassador of France to Ghana
  • Mr Burkhard Hellemann, Country Director of Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, Ghana
  • Mr Patrick Martens, Delegate of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana

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Organised by AHK Ghana and the German fairtrade Messe the event takes place at the Accra International Conference Centre in Ghana. One of many highlights is the 3-day Conference. Prominent speakers and an audience of leaders in policy and economics discuss urgent issues on Ghana’s energy supply, RE potential and environment under the slogan “Towards Cleaner Energy & Environment: Bridging the gap between policy and socio-economic growth”.

For the third time in a row, WACEE features an official “made in Germany”-pavilion consisting of 11 German exhibitors in addition on an information stand. The German pavilion is presented by the Federal German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy in cooperation with the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) and supported by AHK Ghana – Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana.

In addition there is also be a Dutch Pavilion featuring Dutch companies from the renewable energy and environment industry. The Dutch Pavilion is supported by the Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council (GNBCC), a collaboration of the Netherlands African Business Council and the former Ghana Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and Culture.

The German Solar Training Week is a great opportunity for acquiring knowledge in German Solar Technology from top German solar firms and a great opportunity to network with local solar companies. From 13 to 16 September 2016, the “Energy Solutions – Made in Germany” initiative will facilitate trainings conducted by German companies.

Read what our Guests of Honor said:

H.E. Mr William Hanna
Ambassador of the European Union to Ghana

Let me start thanking the organizers of the 5th West African Clan Energy & Environmnt Exhibition and Conference for the invitation. We should link policy and practice more and this is an area where the European Union and its Member States institutions and business should work hand in hand. Here in Ghana, the European Union and its Member States worked hard together with Ghanaian institutions and civil society to put Climate Change high on the Agenda. We worked together to explain that climate change presents for the citizen of Ghana, in cities, towns and village areas, and why we need to act now to benefit future generations.

A crucial first step towards the implementation is the ratification by all. That is why the European Union welcomes the decision by the Parliament of Ghana to ratify the agreement on 4th August, with the consensual vote of all political parties.

This confirms that Ghana is a leader in Africa and in the South in setting Greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation targets.

  • Scaling up renewable energy (rooftop solar and solar mini-grids)
  • Fuel diversification
  • Resilient agriculture (doubling reforestation to 10,000 ha annually)
  • Scaling up renewable energy penetration by 10% by 2030
  • Promotion of clean lightning for rual households
  • Adopting market-based cleaner cooking solutions
  • Doubling energy efficiency improvement to 20% in power plant

The EU alone has earmarked 160 million Euros to support climate-resilient agriculture. At a wider level the EU has set aside a fund of 3 billion euros for Cooperation on energy over the next 7 years, helping to leverage between 15 to 30 billion in loans and equity investments.

H.E. Mr Christoph Retzlaff
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Ghana

This is the 5th WACEE and I am proud to say that WACEE has become a real brand name. I congratulate the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Accra and its partners fairtrade Messe on this success!

The global economy and global growth must become more sustainable. The growing energy needs of rapidly growing and developing countries like Ghana cannot be convered by fossil fuels alone for decades to come. Solar power, wind, biomass, waste recycling - these are the solutions of the future. Ghana has an ample supply that is waiting to be tapped.

Ghana currently considers its energy strategy to meet the urgent needs of the immediate future but also to provide power beyond the short-term necessities of today.

Government of Ghana on passing the "Hazardous and Electronic Waste Law", which will translate the relevant Basel convention into national law. With this legislation, Ghana is the frontrunner in Africa. It will also serve as the framework for our German-Ghanaian engagement.

Germany is known worldwide for its recycling practices and for recycling technology developed in our country. My government has pledged 5 Mio. Euro on a programme focused on improving working conditions for workers dismantling electronic waste and establishing a collection centre. Further, we intend to pledge another 20 Mio. euro to the electronic waste recycling facility of the Government of Ghana.

I'm proud to tell you that once again WACEE hosts an official German Pavilion. I wish you all a successful WACEE 2016!

H.E. Mr Ron Strikker
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Ghana

I am very honoured to be present here today. For me personally this is also a very special occasion in my capacity as Ambassador of the Netherlands to Ghana, a mission which I started only last Monday.

A mission for whom I am grateful, in view of the importance the Netherlands attaches to it’s relations with Ghana offering bright prospects for the future. Also for a cleaner environment and cleaner energy.
The logo of our current dynamic relationship with Ghana is: “Holland and Ghana, Growing together”. Creating a win-win situation for both. I think it is very well chosen.

We are known for our renewable energy sources such as converting millions of tons of municipal waste to power, heat, and reusable resources. Recycling and re-use of waste is highly developed. It is estimated around or more than 50%. That means that half, or more, of all the waste we produce is being converted in something we can use again, as energy of a new product. Almost 10% of our total energy consumption is sourced from bio-energy and wind energy.

Innovation and Public Private Partnership are key in priority topics such as energy savings in industry, construction, gas, smart grids, and the development of wind at sea, solar energy and bio energy.
The aim is twofold: firstly consume less energy – save energy by building and producing smarter and more efficient - and secondly to produce the energy we of course still need in a cleaner, that is sustainable, way.

Ghana’s present energy demand exceeds its installed capacity. The increase in demand is in part driven by the growth of its population and in part by the increasing number of commercial properties and industries around the country.

In view of this, it is now critical for Ghana to invest in more sustainable, inclusive and environmental friendly energy sources, particularly renewable energy sources.

As one of the word leaders in renewable energy, the Netherlands has a great deal to offer to Ghana in expertise, technology and partnerships. We are already for many years active in Ghana in this field, for instance in Public Private Partnerships projects which convert waste to biogas, electricity and compost.

We are therefore very proud to participate with a beautiful Dutch Pavilion at WACEE 2016 to showcase the best Netherlands has to offer in environment and energy. May I invite you to visit it!

Mr Patrick Martens
Delegate of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana

On behalf of the entire organizing team of AHK Ghana and fairtrade, we take pleasure in welcoming all our distinguished guets, exhibitors and visitors to WACEE 2016.

This year again professional visitors are to discuss their business with more than 40 exhibitors and to learn from dozens of speakers. For the third time in a row, WACEE features an official "made in Germany"-pavilion consisting of 11 German exhibitors.

In addition, prominet speakers and an audience of leaders in policy and economics discuss urgent issues at the Top level 3-Day conference themed Towards Cleaner Energy & Environment: Bridging the gap between policy and Socio-economic growth.

We are grateful for the strong institutional support. We like to extend our gratitude to each and every one who has contributed to the success of the event: exhibitors, visitors, sponsors, partners, agents, supporting authorities, event partners and the media.

Let us finally wish all of our exhibitors and visitors excellent business and particularly rich and fruitful meetings.